EXO was selected through a procedure same as ‘Produce 101’

Do you believe that 12 original members of EXO were selected through a procedure which was quite same as the way “Produce 101” found 11 pieces of Wanna One?

We all know that, while the entire Korea’s entertainment industry is going crazy of survival shows, SM Entertainment is the only company that is out of this game. They don’t send their trainees to famous shows such as “Produce 101” or “The Unit”, and don’t create survival shows for their own artists by themselves like what JYP Entertainment did with “SIXTEEN” or YG Entertainment with “WIN: Who’s Next“.

SM entertainment

There are many different opinions from audiences as well as experts about reasons why SM doesn’t follow the “survival show” trend of Kpop! A majority think that the time that trainees work at SM is a real survival competition, so this company has no reasons to send its artists to such shows while it and its trainees have no advantages from them. Recently, a sharing from an artist of this company revealed another reason why SM is not interested in these kinds of competitions. It turns out that SM used to have its own “Produce 101” even before survival shows “attack” Kpop.

In the latest episode of “Idol Producer” – considered as a Chinese version of “Produce 101”, Lay was asked about how SM selected EXO’s members. And Lay’s response made EXO’s fans, even those who had been their fans for a long time, surprised.

SM entertainment

SM entertainment

Lay said: “Among 120 trainees, there were 100 trainees selected. And among those 100 trainees, the company continued to select 60 trainees. And then, among 60 trainees, 24 were selected. Finally, among those 24 trainees, 12 members were selected. Every week, the company eliminated a trainee”.

SM entertainment

SM entertainment

After knowing this truth, netizens affirm this is SM’s “Produce 120”. Many people feel surprised because the procedure to select members for EXO (and probably for many other SM’s idolgroups) have many things in common with “Produce 101” ‘s audition. Some people even call this “SMduce”, and believe this is the reason why SM never sends its trainees to survival shows.

SM entertainment

Korean netizens commented: “I wonder why betrayers must go through all of these just to let go at last minutes”, “Why do you guys query about Sehun? Do you think that judges accidentally choose him while he has nothing?”, “You guys can’t even dream about joining SM”, “Is this ‘Produce 120’?”, “What’s wrong with those who ironize Sehun? Sehun is still handsome, tall, rich and a good dancer as always~”, “D.O. and Baekhyun are truly God’s selection ㅋㅋ They are so charming”, “Look at those comment ㅋㅋ Sehun is selected because he is qualified. Judges choose him, why do you have to query?”, “I heard that they put lots of efforts in EXO. I guess it’s true”, “That’s why SM doesn’t send its trainees to ‘Produce 101’, they are doing their own ‘SMduce’ “…




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