Lee Jun-ho and Im Yoon-ah to reunite in new rom-com “King the Land” after their collaboration at Gayo Daejejeon

2PM Lee Jun-ho and Girls’ Generation Yoona will meet each other again in a drama.

According to the production company npio Entertainment on April 20th, the drama “King the Land” has confirmed the appearances of Lee Jun-ho and Im Yoon-ah.

King the Land” is a drama that will bring you a day full of laughter with its story about the male lead Goo Won, a chaebol heir who can’t stand fake smiles, meeting the female lead Chun Sa-rang, a hotelier whose job is to always smile brightly even when she doesn’t want to. “King the Land” in the drama is the VVIP Business Lounge that all the hoteliers dream of.

Lee Jun-ho will take on the role of Goo Won, who gets pushed into the battle to inherit King Group, which owns hotels, airlines and distribution businesses. Goo Won will stimulate the viewers’ excitement as he is a person who has everything, including a clear brain, natural dignity and chic charm, but lacks only one thing, which is a sense of love. 

Lee Junho

Lee Jun-ho’s co-star – Im Yoon-ah will appear as Chun Sa-rang in this drama. Chun Sa-rang, who has a smile that can brighten up the world, grows up against all prejudices and misunderstandings surrounding her after getting a job at the King Hotel, which gave her the happiest childhood memory. 


Writer Chun Sung-il, who wrote “All of Us Are Dead”, will create the story for “King the Land”. This drama will also be produced by the collaboration between BY4M Studio and npio Entertainment, which has made several series, such as “The Red Sleeve”, “Forecasting Love and Weather”, “A Time Called You”, etc.

“King the Land” plans to start its filming as soon as the casting is completed. Its broadcasting platform and time are still under discussion.

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