SHINee Key, the reason for leaving a space on stage for Jonghyun “We’re so used to it”

SHINee Key talked about the situations that arise while working as a four-member group

On Sep 18th, a video featuring SHINee Key was uploaded on the YouTube channel “1theK Originals”.

SHINee Key, who made a comeback with the title song “Good & Great”, appeared as a guest on “IDDP”.

shinee key

One fan said, “The reason why Key and Minho stayed so close together at the SHINee concert? I saw Taemin often by himself. Key and Minho are soulmates, indeed. We were all saying their chemistry is like that of an old couple. I didn’t even think of it until this came into my thread.” 

This fan added, “Maybe it’s just me who feels that way. But I was wondering why Key and Minho always stay so close together at first. After watching their concerts for all 3 days, I realized the space between Taemin and Minho was where Jonghyun stood.” In response, Key mentioned Jonghyun’s vacancy, “For almost 10 years, we’ve been performing in 5-person formations. So, somehow, I found myself standing this way.”

shinee key

Key shared, “This gap, it’s there. We can’t help it. It wasn’t intentional, but we’re so used to it. It’s so amazing, isn’t it? We also think it’s really interesting.”

Key also talked about his “philosophy for finance”. One fan said, “His father is a bank’s branch manager. So, he seems to know a lot about finance. I saw SHINee talking seriously in the waiting room about something. Key was explaining things about savings.

shinee key

Key revealed, “My philosophy for finance is never to do anything that makes you lose money. While receiving the safest interest rate, even if you just keep the principal, it’s a success.”

Key honestly confessed, “I’m sure everyone has their own circumstances. I try not to invest in cryptocurrencies, stocks, or speculate.”

shinee key

Key talked about “Ring Ding Dong”, a song which is banned during Korea’s SAT period. He burst into laughter when he saw a fan leave a comment saying, “Minho even took the Korean SAT while singing this song and got accepted to Konkuk University.

Key smilingly said, “He probably didn’t listen to it much since it’s his own song. Only he didn’t fail the exam.” Regarding the hit song “Lucifer”, Key recalled the embarrassing situation back then, “I remember that time. I remember thinking what do these lyrics mean?

Source: Nate

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