This top actress is going viral for looking exactly the same as her childhood photo

Actress Lee Min Jung recently revealed a photo from her childhood. 

On August 23rd, actress Lee Min Jung posted on Instagram a photo of herself as a child, along with the caption: “Lee Jun Hoo’s favorite picture these days.” Lee Jun Hoo is Lee Min Jung’s son with famous actor Lee Byung Hun. 

Lee Min Jung then explained about the photo, saying: “It’s me at the same age as Jun Hoo now.”

The actress also revealed her son’s comments when seeing the photo, who said: “It’s so amazing that this baby has become my mother! I want to go back to the past and play with this friend!”

In the published photo, Lee Min Jung boasted sharp features since her childhood days, and already had the appearance of a beautiful actress.

lee min jung lee byung hun

Netizens who saw the photo were surprised by such a photo, showing reactions such as “You literally looks the same now”, “You look so pretty”, “You son talks so adorable”, and “You must have always been told about how pretty you are.” 

Meanwhile, Lee Min Jung married actor Lee Byung Hun in 2013 and they have a son together.

Source: wikitree

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