3 mysterious dating rumors of Kpop idols that are left unanswered

The following couples have been involved in dating rumors, but until now, the question of whether they are really dating has not been clearly answered, making fans suspicious.

The rise of dating rumors among K-pop idols is considered a common thing. Because, under the discerning eyes of fans, the fact that idols have unexpected moments or use similar style items is also suspected as dating.

As dating rumors are sensitive topics, the management companies often issue quick responses when the artists are caught up in dating rumors. However, despite having received a response from the management company, with the following suspected couples, fans still feel that it is not a satisfactory answer and is somewhat mysterious.

Whether GDRAGON and Jennie are dating is still an unanswered question.
Whether G-DRAGON and Jennie are dating is still an unanswered question. 


At the beginning of 2021, the Kpop music industry was shocked with the dating news of two top Kpop idols under the same company, Jennie and G-DRAGON.

Dispatch reported that the two have been dating for a year. The media also revealed that the female idol met G-Dragon by going to the male idol’s luxurious mansion in Hannam-dong, Seoul, which received mixed reactions from the public.

Faced with this stormy rumor, YG Entertainment issued a confusing statement: “We can’t confirm anything about our artists’ private lives. We ask for your understanding.”

This statement of YG caused netizens to discuss the rumor more excitedly. Therefore, until now, this rumor has not had a specific answer and still makes many fans doubt about the real relationship of the two famous rappers.

Taeyeon (SNSD) – Ravi (VIXX)

Another shocking dating rumor was the one of Taeyeon and Ravi, which erupted at the end of 2020. Joynews24 reported that the two had a Christmas date at Ravi’s house then began dating through the introduction of an acquaintance.

After the news broke out, both singers’ agencies immediately stated that they were confirming the truth with their artists. SM Entertainment, Taeyeon’s side, then refuted the rumor and claimed that the two were just close colleagues.

In contrast to SM’s position, Ravi’s company – GROOVL1N bewildered everyone by suddenly confirming that the dating rumor was true and asking netizens to not paying too much attention to their relationship.

However, GROOVL1N later corrected their statement, saying that Taeyeon and Ravi were just close friends. The disagreement between the two agencies’ positions made fans suspect that this dating rumor might not be wrong.

The two’s agencies confirmed that they were close colleagues
The two’s agencies confirmed that they were close colleagues 

Yunhyeong (iKON) – Daisy (former MOMOLAND member)

In early 2019, Korean media reported that iKON’s visual Yunhyeong was dating MOMOLAND’s former member Daisy. Accordingly, the two were even rumored to have started dating since 2018. Amidst controversies, both artists’ agencies released their statements right away.

In particular, after confirming the rumor with Daisy, MLD Entertainment confirmed that the two had been dating for about 3 months, not more than 1 year like Korean news said.

However, YG Entertainment released a completely opposite position, saying, “The two met several times and developed good feelings for each other, but they are not dating”

After the dating rumor broke out, netizens immediately found out the moment when Daisy complimented Yunhyeong on a broadcast
After the dating rumor broke out, netizens immediately found out the moment when Daisy complimented Yunhyeong on a broadcast

The conflicting statements of both sides made fans really confused. Until now, netizens still haven’t known which company was saying the truth.

Idols’ agencies normally deny dating rumors but many fans still believe that rumors of Jennie (BLACKPINK) – G-Dragon (Big Bang), Taeyeon (SNSD) – Ravi (VIXX), etc. might be true. 

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