Lisa Astounds Fans with Forehead-Revealing Look at Singapore Concert

“No-bangs” Lisa has been back!

On May 13th, BLACKPINK embarked on their World Tour Born Pink, making a captivating stop in Singapore. However, it was Lisa who undeniably stole the show with her audacious transformation. Unprecedented and awe-inspiring, she showed her forehead by elegantly sweeping aside her iconic bangs, sending shockwaves of admiration throughout the venue.

In a dazzling golden outfit for the enchanting Money performance, “no-bangs” Lisa exudes a new and enchanting charm.
Netizens and fans alike were struck by the sheer allure and endearing charm that emanated from Lisa, as if witnessing a breathtaking metamorphosis. This hair-style marked an unprecedented milestone in Lisa’s illustrious career, as part of the much-celebrated world tour, Born Pink.
Lisa’s immaculately high and broad forehead provided an exquisite canvas for her to redefine her appearance.
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