aespa’s Karina stands out for her beauty next to another famous visual of the 2nd generation

What helps Karina look radiant even when she stands next to one of the most famous Kpop visuals, AOA’s Seolhyun?

Kpop fans always get excited when famous visual members of Kpop groups share the same frame. Recently, aespa members appeared at an event with Seolhyun (AOA) on November 10. A photo of Giselle, NingNing and Karina together with their senior of the 2nd generation quickly became a trending topic on a Korean online community.

aespa Karina Seolhyun
aespa members showed up next to Seolhyun on Nov 10 

Korean netizens compliment the pretty visuals of SM’s rookie girl group, especially Karina’s radiant aura. Despite standing next to Seolhyun, one of the top visuals among Kpop female idols, Karina is not overshadowed. Fair skin, tall figure, ideal body and small face help Karina stand out next to her senior. According to netizens, Karina’s surreal beauty makes her look like she “came out of a graphics game”. 

Some netizens believe that NingNing is the prettiest aespa member in the photo. aespa’s maknae is extremely photogenic. Meanwhile, many comments claim that all the female idols are beautiful and stand out in their own ways, so there’s no need to compare.

aespa Karina Seolhyun
Helps her stand out next to Seolhyun
aespa Karina Seolhyun
Karina is praised for her attractive visual
aespa Karina Seolhyun

Some comments:

  • Karina has light skin and a beautiful face, I can’t take my eyes off her.
  • Karina’s advantage is what many people dream of, having light skin tone and a super small face.
  • Seolhyun is the tallest but it’s Karina that stands out among them. 
  • Both are pretty, but I prefer Seolhyun’s natural dimples.
  • Seolhyun debuted a long time ago but I still haven’t seen anyone as attractive as her.
  • NingNing is the one who stands out. 

This is not the first time Karina has been praised when standing next to other Kpop visuals.  She is considered one of the most potential beauties of the new generation.

During a participation in the music show promoting Savage last month, the leader of aespa caused a buzz thanks to her beautiful appearance that overwhelmed former IZ*ONE member Kim Minjoo.  Similarly, during the Next Level promotion, Karina also received many positive comments about her unique visual. She even took the spotlight when standing with MC Ahn Yujin.

aespa Karina Seolhyun
aespa and Kim Minjoo
aespa Karina Seolhyun
and Ahn Yujin


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