Close-up photo of the unusual smile of Tzuyu (TWICE) after dental braces were applied.

Despite the change of her looks, it’s undeniable that Tzuyu is still absolutely stunning.

Recently, TWICE members shared that the group’s youngest member, Tzuyu, started to wear dental braces. The female idol is wearing braces to improve the appearance of her teeth, and she will wear them during the promotion of TWICE’s latest comeback. TWICE members have also said that Tzuyu has gotten cuter since she has worn braces, as her pronunciation has become slightly affected leading her to be surprisingly adorable.

TWICE, tzuyu, comeback
Tzuyu’s gentle smile while she wore braces.
Upon the information, many fans wanted to have a closer look at the difference in Tzuyu’s appearance after she got braces. In the latest V-Live episode, Tzuyu appeared with her dental braces, which seemed to be the ceramic type, and it’s easily seen that Tzuyu only smiled gently to hide her braces. However, once she wore big and beautiful smile on her face, the change was clearly visible. After wearing the braces for a short period of time, Tzuyu’s teeth have majorly improved! As for her looks, this minor change couldn’t possibly worsen her beauty, for Tzuyu is still attractive in every angle.
TWICE, tzuyu, comeback
The close-up photo of Tzuyu’s gentle smile after she used braces.
TWICE, tzuyu, comeback
TWICE, tzuyu, comeback
Previously, Tzuyu had uneven teeth.
Not too long after, the female idol is expected to promote TWICE’s new song on music stages. Hopefully, the group will be successful with their comeback!

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