DKZ’s Jaechan found to be subscribing to problematic YouTube channel Sojang 

Rising actor and DKZ member Jaechan is caught subscribing to a YouTube channel that spreads malicious rumors about idols. 

Recently, while DKZ’s Jaechan was hosting Naver V Live, the YouTube channels to which he subscribed were accidentally exposed. One of the channels that Jaechan is subscribing to is “Sojang”, a notorious YouTuber specialized in creating malicious and unfounded rumors about idols. Many idols and agencies have been suffering because of the fake news created by this channel. Due to the rumors reported by Sojang that defame artists, many K-pop agencies are planning to take legal actions.

DKZ Jaechan

Sojang targets popular idols who easily go viral and idols who have stopped their activities. Sojang also made a video about the suspension of activities of DKZ member Moon Ik, Jaechan’s bandmate. 

YouTube is a space that reflects individual tastes, so there should be no problem with what Jaechan subscribes to.  However, in this case, he is following a problematic channel.

dkz jaechan

After being caught subscribing to Sojang, Jaechan said, “I don’t know what channel it is. I don’t usually press like while watching YouTube, so I didn’t know what was there because I didn’t manage it well. I think the channels I’m subscribed to were just unintentionally pressed except for a few. I sincerely apologize for my careless behavior, and I will be more careful in the future.”

Sojang even responded to the news of Jaechan subscribing to their channel and gave a caution, saying, “Thank you for taking the courage to subscribe to the channel. However, I recommend you to create at least two YouTube accounts. In front of the fans, I hope you show the first account while watching it as much as you want on your second account. Please don’t get caught.”


Sojang is a channel that idols shouldn’t get caught watching. This is not the first time Jaechan got caught saying or doing questionable things. 

Jaechan has said countless times that his goal is to buy a river view house in Cheongdam-dong. Buying a house may be your goal. But Jaechan’s job is a male idol. He is an idol who debuted in 2019 and recently blew up thanks to starring in a BL drama. Shouldn’t he talk about love for his fans and goals related to being a singer or actor instead? 

There is still a long way for Jaechan to reach his desired goal. Therefore, it would be better for him to speak and act cautiously from now on.

Source: Daum

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