MBTI question “What if you hear someone saying ‘She is really mean but she nails her work’?”… Chuu’s inner thoughts were revealed

Singer Chuu’s broadcast scene is a hot topic.

On Dec 16th, Chuu met and talked with (G)I-DLE Miyeon and former IZ*ONE member Kwon Eun Bi, who are ENFP girls like her, on “Chuu Can Do It”.

While experiencing the tea ceremony at the temple, the three said, “It’s like the taste of life. The bitterness of life.

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Chuu confessed that she is ENFP, but she wants people to see her as INFP. She added, “So that people wouldn’t say ‘It’s not like you’ even when I feel sad.

She then revealed that she got ESTP or ENTP when she did MBTI test again recently.

Miyeon said, “You’ve changed a lot though? Maybe you’re not ENFP, though?


In the MBTI balance game, when asked “How would you react if someone says ‘I just like you’?“, Chuu wondered, “You just like me? Why?” She went on to say, “I used to feel like that.

To the question “What if you hear someone saying ‘She is really mean but she nails her work’?“, Chuu showed T’s reaction, “I am a professional then.

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Meanwhile, Blockberry Creative announced through the fan cafe on Nov 25th, “We decided to expel and remove Chuu from LOONA. We conducted an investigation after receiving reports about power abuse, including verbal abuse, by Chuu toward our staff members, and found out it was true.” Regarding this, Chuu countered, “I have never done anything that would make my fans feel ashamed.

On Dec 19th, Dispatch revealed the contents of the KakaoTalk conversations that Chuu had with her manager and other employees.


Source: Wikitree

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