“Suspicion of power abuse” Chuu’s KakaoTalk messages to the manager “You’re so pathetic… This is the last warning for you”

The messages between Chuu, who was kicked out of girl group LOONA, and manager A were revealed.

A is the person who claims to have been insulted by Chuu‘s words and actions.

On Dec 19th, Dispatch revealed several messages Chuu sent to A.

According to the report, Chuu showed a part of the choreography for the new song during a live broadcast. A sent a text message to Chuu’s mother saying, “The point choreography shouldn’t be spoiled yet, what should I do?” Chuu’s mother captured the text messages she exchanged with A and sent it to Chuu. Regarding this, Chuu asked the head of the agency, “Who sent such a text message?” In the meantime, she expressed her displeasure with A.

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At that time, Chuu said, “I won’t participate in LOONA’s album and the audition program ‘Queendom’“, “Aren’t you going to respond?“, “Will you guys get it together if I die and tell everyone what has happened until now?“, “You’re so pathetic“, “This is the last warning for you“…

When A did not reply, Chuu sent a series of messages saying “Reply“.

Regarding this, Chuu’s side apologized and explained that she complained to A as the conflict with the agency Blockberry Creative (hereinafter referred to as Blockberry) over settlement intensified.


Chuu’s side explained, “A was the only person I could communicate with. I didn’t get mad at A. I was angry at the way the company was operated.

She also said she was ignored by the company’s director. She confessed, “The director treated me like a child. It felt like ignoring people. I was hurt in a state of disbelief. I thought I had to speak strongly so that they would listen.” She then apologized, “That’s why I once spoke strongly. I made a mistake because I couldn’t help it.

Chuu, conflict with Blockberry… What is the reason?

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Chuu has been in conflict with Blockberry since last year over the ratio of disbursement burden.

On Dec 4th, 2017, Chuu signed an exclusive contract with Blockberry. It is a problematic contract. The ratio of revenue settlement and the ratio of cost processing are different. In other words, the revenue is divided by 7:3 and the cost is divided by 5:5. In addition, Blockberry chose to split revenue first then split cost. This is a scheme that allows Blockberry to pass off another 20% of cost they should be liable for onto Chuu.


Accordingly, in January, Chuu filed an injunction requesting for the validity of her exclusive contract with Blockberry to be suspended and won the case.

Chuu later rewrote a separate contract with Blockberry in April. The contract stipulates that Chuu will take 70% of the profit and Blockberry will take the remaining 30%.

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Chuu’s right not to participate in LOONA was also specified, and a clause was added that the affected party could claim 50 million won in damages.

In May, Chuu claimed 50 million won when the filming of the music video for LOONA’s “Flip That” was delayed.

Source: Nate

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