An idol was caught subscribing to YouTube channel “Sojang”, which mass-produces malicious rumors related to idols

On Dec 17th, DKZ‘s Jaechan turned the camera to his laptop during a VLIVE broadcast, and the list of channels he subscribed to was captured.


Among his subscription channels, there was “Sojang”, a channel which is known for making rumors related to certain idols or videos that induce malicious comments. In particular, it was confirmed that there was no blue notification button next to the channel name, which means there are still videos to watch, so it was estimated that the YouTube account user watched all the videos of the “Sojang” channel.

dkz jaechan

When this fact first became known, some fans thought that the YouTube account on the laptop screen might not be Jaechan’s account, but soon Jaechan apologized. He did not say that it was someone else’s account.

Jaechan said, “I don’t know what channel that channel is, and I don’t usually press subscribe and like while watching YouTube, so I didn’t manage that well. It seems that except for a few channels I’m currently subscribing to, I accidentally subscribed to that channel. I’ve got everything sorted out now. I sincerely apologize for my careless behavior, and I’ll be more careful in the future.

dkz jaechan

Some estimate that the account holder of “Sojang” is a woman in her mid to late 40s. This account holder is known to have mass-produced idol-related criticism posts all over online communities such as Facebook, Twitter, DC Inside, Instiz and Tistory since the days when first-generation idols were popular.

Recently, videos of unconfirmed content are being spread targeting certain popular idols.

sojang youtube

“Sojang” has a history of being sued by BTS V and EXO Xiumin for continuous anti-activities.

Source: Wikitree

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