“Thank you for shining and coming to us”… Latin American ARMYs got emotional at BTS Jin’s solo performance in Argentina

Latin American fans couldn’t stop crying after watching the solo debut stage of BTS Jin, who will enlist in the military at the end of this year.

BTS Jin appeared as a special guest at Coldplay’s World Tour “Music Of The Spheres” in Buenos Aries on October 28th (local time) and sang his solo song “The Astronaut”, which was jointly written, composed and performed by Coldplay

bts jin coldplay buenos aires

Before introducing Jin on the stage, Coldplay’s leader Chris Martin explained the reason he joined the production of Jin’s first solo song “The Astronaut”, saying his previous collaboration with BTS for “My Universe” gave very good results. 

The audience crowd exploded with loud cheers as soon as Jin showed up and the concert hall suddenly turned purple. 

bts jin coldplay buenos aires

After singing the first verse of the song, Jin ran to the other side of the stage with his arms open wide then hugged Martin tightly.

Seeing Jin sweetly sang “The Astronaut”, the song he made for ARMYs ahead of their temporary separation due to his enlistment, many fans shed tears and were unable to control their overwhelming emotions.

bts jin

“Always shining on me, you, the only light I found in the dark”, Jin wrote these lyrics as a greeting to ARMYs before enlisting. ARMYs were also seen holding signs with messages for Jin, such as “Thank you for shining and coming to us”, ARMY WILL WAIT FOR YOU”, etc.

After singing the last part of the song together with Chris Martin, Jin shouted “Thank you Argentina” in Spanish and added “I love you, ARMYs” in Korean. In response, ARMYs filled the stadium with their shout, saying “Kim Seok-jin, I love you”.

BTS Jin The Astronaut argentina

As Jin suddenly visited Argentina and appeared only as a special guest, not many ARMYs could book the tickets, but Coldplay’s concert has become a perfect venue for Jin to deliver his greeting to fans.

Latin American media also put Coldplay and Jin’s performances in their headlines. Argentina’s leading daily newspaper Clarin published a special edition with Jin’s photos. Meanwhile, the La Republica of Peru reported Jin’s performance in real-time through a live text message broadcast that can normally be seen in presidential elections.

Lots of ARMYs from neighboring countries, such as Uruguay, Peru, and Paraguay, also attended the concert. They had been excited even before Jin arrived in Argentina.

In particular, the news of Jin’s performance in Argentina, which was announced right after his plan to cancel his enlistment postponement and join the military at the end of this year, heated up the SNS sites and online communities in Latin America. 

bts jin la republica argentina

ARMYs gathered at the airport in Argentina but could not see Jin because he took another way out due to safety reasons. However, fans had set up tents near the concert hall (River Plate Stadium) and waited for BTS Jin’s solo debut performance peacefully with Coldplay fans.

Local fans prepared for the historic visit to Latin America of the BTS member by sharing messages of consideration and respect. They interacted with Coldplay fans in good manners while sharing tents in front of the concert hall.

bts jin army argentina

The performance was broadcast live at movie theaters around the world. Videos of the performance were also shared widely on SNS and received hot responses.

Source: daum

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