BTS Jin releases a new song ahead of his enlistment… The music video contains a “code” that makes fans cry

BTS’ eldest brother Jin released his first solo single ahead of his enlistment.

On Oct 28th, Jin released a music video for his solo single “The Astronaut” through HYBE Labels’ YouTube channel.

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“The Astronaut”, a pop rock song in which Jin himself participated in writing the lyrics, is a song about his affection for the fan club ARMY. The people who helped me find all the dreams of “I”, who drifted by without a destination, were expressed as “you”.

This song goes well with the refreshing and dreamy autumn breeze, and you can also feel Jin’s unique sensibility.

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The music video for “The Astronaut” tells the story of an astronaut who made a crash landing on Earth. Jin, who continued life on Earth after the crash landing, appeared.

Then, breaking news from Coldplay’s Chris Martin, who made a surprise appearance as an anchor, came out on TV, and a mysterious ray of light rose to the sky outside the window.

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Jin returned to the place where the spacecraft crash-landed with the intention of returning to his home planet, and at this time, his memories of Earth unfolded like a flashback.

While the sensuous visual beauty was eye-catching, at the end of the music video, Jin’s return to his true home as he decided to remain on Earth with his loved ones and precious things left deep lingering feelings.

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Jin showed his unique delicate expressive power and emotional acting, further enhancing viewers’ immersion. In particular, he impressed ARMY by sending a surprise message using props in the music video.

If you look closely at the black figures in the crossword puzzle that Jin solved in the room, you can notice that they are in the shape of “English Braille”.

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If you refer to the Braille table and substitute the alphabet one by one, starting with the figure located at the top left of the crossword puzzle, you can see the phrase “FOR ARMY”.

The tattoo on Jin’s neck was also English Braille. Likewise, if you substitute the alphabet one by one for the braille tattoo, the result was “ARMY”, which touched fans’ hearts.

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Meanwhile, Jin, who was born in 1992 and is 31 years old this year, will cancel the request to delay enlistment in late October and follow the enlistment procedure of Military Manpower Administration.

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The agency said, “Other members plan to carry out their military service based on their own individual plans. We and the members are looking forward to reconvening as a group again around 2025.”

Starting with Jin, Suga (30), J-Hope (29), RM (29), Jimin (28), V (28) and Jungkook (26) are expected to join the military next.

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