Ko Woo Rim reveal behind-the-scenes of his wedding with Kim Yu Na

Forestella Ko Woo Rim shared his feelings and the stories that happened at his wedding with Kim Yu Na.

On Dec 22nd, a video of Forestella’s interview was posted on the YouTube channel “117.”

During the interview, the Forestella members congratulated the wedding of their youngest member, Ko Woo Rim. The members gave him an applause, and Ko Woo Rim greeted them with appreciation.

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Bae Doo Hoon said, “It felt like a family member was getting married.”

Cho Min Kyu said, “It’s a family wedding that only appears in dramas. With this level of warmth,” while Kang Hyung Ho played along, “It’s the last episode,” and Cho Min Kyu agreed, “Yes, a happy ending in the last episode.”


“They had a hard time on the day of my wedding,” Ko Woo Rim said, “I think they greeted all my acquaintances for me.”

Bae Doo Hoon said, “I even thought I was the one getting married. People I know kept coming, greeting and congratulating me. I know they were congratulating Ko through me because we are members but still,” drawing laughter.

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Ko Woo Rim, who didn’t know about that story, said, “I want to tell everyone that all three of them congratulated me and were very happy for me.” Kang Hyung Ho once again congratulated Ko Woo Rim, saying, “Congratulations.”

Meanwhile, Ko Woo Rim married Kim Yu Na, who is five years older than him, with a wedding ceremony in October.

Source: Herald Pop

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