CUBE faces many difficulties after Soojin’s departure: Stocks depreciate, the official Instagram is also inactive?

The news of Soojin leaving (G)I-DLE seems to have brought many disadvantages to the CUBE company.

On August 14, CUBE made an announcement about Soojin’s official departure from (G)I-DLE. This is the result of the school bullying scandal in the past being reported and since last March by Soojin. Although the company had denied the allegations and said that Soojin did not remember the bullying incidents, it seems that her departure from the group was the apparent result of the female idol’s wrongdoings.

Soojin Gdile

Soojin’s departure from the group is an inevitable consequence of past misconduct. However, some people still agree with Soojin’s decision to leave the group, while others condemn the company for not protecting the artist to the end. Whatever it is, the negative impact on CUBE in recent days is obvious.

The stock price of CUBE has been steadily declining since the announcement of Soojin’s departure from (G)I-DLE. The stock continued to fall sharply as of August 17, three days following the incident and has already dropped by 8.27 percent. With this negative trend, the outlook for CUBE’s stock in the following days is not promising.

gi-dle soojin cube

CUBE’s official Instagram profile was also spotted to be inactive today, after receiving critical comments on social media from Soojin’s fans. This account may have been temporarily disabled by this company or completely deleted.

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