This person who dozes off on the subway is a famous female idol-turned actress

Wonder Girls’ Ahn So Hee draws attention by sharing her daily life.

On December 12th, Ahn So Hee posted three pictures of her on her personal Instagram with the caption, “Monday fighting.

Ahn So-hee

The photos show Ahn So Hee using the subway in Japan. She covered her face with a mask, but still caught the attention by showing off her pure visuals with big eyes on her small face.

Ahn So-hee
Ahn So-hee

Despite being a celebrity, she shows off her friendly charm by riding the subway like commoners. She was even cutely dozing off. 

Netizens left comments, “I’m jealous of the people sitting next to So Hee”, “You look beautiful and cute”, “I want to meet you”, “She would be recognized in Korea so she couldn’t ride the subway here”, “Mondays are hard. I totally sympathize”, etc. 

Ahn So-hee

After her debut with Wonder Girls in 2007, Ahn So Hee garnered huge popularity with the group’s hit songs including ‘Tell Me’, ‘So Hot’, ‘Nobody’ and ‘Be My Baby’.

Wonder Girls

Since then, she has been active as an actress and solidified her position by appearing in the dramas ‘Entourage’, ‘Missing: The Other Side’, and the movie ‘Train to Busan’.

Currently, Ahn So Hee is actively communicating with fans by sharing her daily life through YouTube and Instagram.

Source: Wikitree

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