Jang Won-young Reveals Her Mature Mindset, “Whatever You Say Will Come Back To You”

The YouTube content “Salon Drip 2” uploaded the new episode on May 7th featuring the guest appearance of IVE’s Jang Won-young. IVE recently released their new song “HEYA” and is in the middle of their comeback promotion.

When Jang Do-yeon said, “Can I ask about your flaws?”, Jang Won-young honestly replied, “Flaw… I try not to think about it I can love my flaws too”. Jang Do-yeon continued, “Have you ever been made fun of in your life?”, Jang Won-young said, “No”. Even when Jang Do-yeon pretended to tease her, Jang Won-young coolly said, “If that’s being made fun of, I’d like to be made fun of every day”.

jang won young-jang do yeon

This proves Jang Won-young’s patience and strong mind as she recently declared war against haters online. Jang Do-yeon commented, “People usually have to train themselves to get to that level… You sort of make me proud”. 

In response, Jang Won-young said, “Even if people say something hurtful, if it’s not true for me, I don’t get offended. I think it’ll be simple if everyone thought that way. If it’s not true for me, it’s unrelated to me. If it is true and if it’s something I should improve on, I just have to fix it. It is important to pass on certain things, while accepting what I should”.

Jang Do-yeon commented, “I was worried that you might snap since you’re so firm and strong, but the more we talk, you are so flexible. I learned a lot from you”. In response, Jang Won-young said, “Well, it’s impossible to not get offended at all. But even when I’m offended, I try to take it in a healthy way and try not to lose myself. Also, whatever you say will all come back to you”.

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