Kim Yu Na recalls her first meeting with Ko Woo Rim, “I felt a strong attraction for unknown reasons”

Figure skating queen Kim Yu Na recalled her first meeting with her husband Ko Woo Rim.

On Oct 24th, Choi Da Bin posted a video titled “I went to Yu Na’s wedding” on her YouTube channel “Da Bin Choice.”

Choi Da-bin unveiled moments at the scene of Kim Yu NaGo Woo Rim’s wedding, which took place on Oct 22nd, with the caption, “The wedding-related footage are uploaded with the permission of Yu Na.” 

The video drew attention as it showed Ko Woo Rim and Kim Yu Na reading their marriage pledges.

kim yuna ko woo rim wedding

On the podium, Kim Yu Na recalled her first meeting with Ko Woo Rim, saying, “On the first day we met each other without much expectation for each other, we felt a strong attraction for no reason.”

“You stared at me with your round-open eyes. I was a little embarrassed, but I just thought, ‘I must be very surprising for him,’ and passed it, but that short scene was so clear that it is still vivid to me and I still think about it as a sign of our beginning,” she said, excited the whole wedding hall.

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After that, the couple looked at each other with lovely eyes, saying, “I promise to be a husband/wife who always gives love with a sincere heart.”

After three years of dating, Kim Yu Na and Go Woo Rim tied the knot at the Shilla Hotel in Jangchung-dong, Seoul, on Oct 22nd. The newlywed house was reported to be at Mark Hills, a luxury villa in Heukseok-dong, which Kim Yu Na purchased for 2.2 billion won in December 2011.

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