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“LACHICA ruined Mbitious”… Gabee responded to malicious comments related to Street Man Fighter’s joint mission with a photo

Earlier on Oct 19th, Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” posted videos of the crews participating in the “Muse of Street Man Fighter” mission through the YouTube channel “The CHOOM”.

In this mission, each crew will be joined by female dancers and must create and perform original choreography.

lachica street man fighter

Mbitious performed with “LACHICA”.

Mbitious and LACHICA made a stage with the concept of Tarzan and Jane. The roles of Tarzan and Jane were played by LACHICA and Mbitious, respectively.

lachica be mbitious street man fighter

When the two crews’ video was released before the broadcast, netizens left malicious comments such as “LACHICA ruined Mbitious”, “I can only see LACHICA”, “Why is LACHICA that greedy?”…

Most of the malicious comments were about LACHICA members being greedy and Mbitious not being able to perform their stage properly.

lachica be mbitious street man fighter

Soon, there were malicious comments on LACHICA members’ Instagram.

Gabee later posted a photo through her Instagram story.

lachica street man fighter

It was a two-shot with member Rian in the practice room.

They seemed to copy the album cover of Lizzo’s “Rumors (Feat. Cardi B)”.

lachica street man fighter

This song aims at malicious commenters who spread rumors about “myself”.

The lyrics include “Sick of rumors”, “But haters do what they do”, “Give ’em something to talk about”…

be mbitious street man fighter

However, the Oct 25th broadcast of “Street Man Fighter” showed Mbitious members directing the performance themselves, bringing a twist.

Mbitious said, “We hope LACHICA will play the role of Tarzan rather than us playing Tarzan.” The song selection was also Mbitious’ idea.

be mbitious street man fighter

Netizens showed reactions such as “They got the concept they were told to do and helped Mbitious, but they were treated like that”, “LACHICA did a good job”…

be mbitious street man fighter

Meanwhile, Mbitious entered the elimination zone with a low score of 84.97 through the “Muse of Street Man Fighter” mission.

be mbitious street man fighter

However, they took first place in the online evaluation of the “Rain’s New Dance Song Choreography” mission by voting and advanced to the finals.

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