Suzy, “For the first time in 10 years…” Excitement ♥ Confession 

Actress Suzy revealed her daily life in Japan in her recent vlog. 

suzy vlog

Suzy posted a video of “Tokyo Vlog” on her YouTube “suzy” on the 26th. In the video, Suzy arrived in Tokyo, Japan in the video. Getting out of her car, the idol-turned-actress turned heads with her all-black styling. Unlike her chic look, Suzy showed a different side of herself with a cheerful image. Suzy appeared as an amateur YouTuber, wearing a skirt and kicking and asking, “I look alright on the screen?”

suzy vlog

Arriving at a restaurant, Suzy covered her face with a hat and mask, but conveyed a distinct beauty with just her eyes. She showed a childlike attitude while struggling to put the camera on the table.

suzy vlog

While waiting for the food, she said, “I did my nails because I had shooting for the first time in 10 years. Applied nail tips, tried something fancy this time”. Suzy had lunch while filming videos and later started walking on the streets of Tokyo.

suzy vlog

Suzy continued to shoot as she struggled with the staff. In the evening, she spent time taking pictures in front of the cafe. She still shone even in the dark, and the footage showed her enjoying dinner afterwards. Suzy has grown one step further as a YouTuber, showing a better camera angle than during the day.

Suzy Anna

In the latest news, Suzy performed enthusiastically in the drama “Anna”, which was released in June. On the 6th, her new digital single “Cape” was released. 

Source: Nate

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