Nikki Lee, “Suzy’s face in ‘Anna’ said it all…I feel all the emotions in the drama through only the look on her face”

Actor Yoo Teo’s wife Nikki Lee, who is a photographer and camera director, left her review about the drama “Anna”.

Nikki Lee made a long post on her SNS account on August 21st, starting with saying “I watched the director’s cut of Coupang Play’s ‘Anna’.”

She continued, “It’s a sad story in which the life of the smart girl Anna goes in the wrong way a while, causing her heart to go in a wrong way, herself and her life, everything, also go in a wrong way after just one accident, but in the end, she is still the smart girl Anna”, adding “Watching Anna, who goes in the wrong way, portrayed with the delicate directing of Lee Joo-young, I feel heartbroken just like Anna does.”

Mentioning the re-discovery of actress Suzy, Nikki Lee said, “Should we not understand the lives of others that go in the wrong way? Suzy’s face said that. She was such a good actress. I could feel the pitiful and lonely emotions in the drama through only the look on her face. The opening is quite short but it looks fancy.”

Since ‘Anna’ is so sad and it goes fast like a summer night’s dream, I sit back to cry or smoke”, she added.

Nikki Lee released a photo showing Suzy with a miserable expression in “Anna”. It’s the scene where Anna (Yumi), who got the job of being the private butler of the director of the museum Lee Hyun-joo (Jung Eun-chae), is humiliated and hurt. 

Meanwhile, Nikki Lee, who gained huge success as an artist in New York, met actor Yoo Teo and developed a movie-like love story. Their age gap is 11 years. Nikki Lee is known to have taken care of her husband, who is younger than her, from his behind for 10 years. 

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