Netizens left speechless when abusive CEO’s husband hugged OMEGA X members in front of reporters 

Netizens think the husband of the CEO in OMEGA X’s abuse controversy was acting for the camera. 

Hwang Seong U and Kang Seong Hee, who are married, co-run SPIRE Entertainment, the management company of boy group OMEGA X

Recently, female CEO Kang Seong Hee came under fire for allegedly physically and verbally abusing OMEGA X members in public. SBS News has released a video to prove the allegations are true despite the company’s attempt to deny it.

SBS News also reported that OMEGA X members’ flight tickets back to Korea on October 23 were canceled by the company, so they were stuck in LA after completing their world tour. OMEGA X members had to buy tickets to Korea by themselves with the help of their parents.

Luckily, OMEGA X arrived safely in Korea yesterday. At the airport, in addition to fans and reporters, Hwang Seong U, president of SPIRE was present. In front of the reporters’ camera, Hwang Seong U warmly greeted and hugged OMEGA X members, acting as if nothing had happened, leaving fans and netizens speechless.

Source: facebook

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