Lim Bo-ra’s recent status after breaking up with Swings

Model Lim Bo-ra made her face known to the public as rapper Swings’ lover.

Lim Bo-ra showed off her affection for Swings by appearing on TV programs with him, but unfortunately, the two broke up last year.

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Even after the breakup, Lim Bo-ra still worked at a cafe in partnership with Swings and often shared her daily life. However, earlier this year, the cafe went through the closure process.

Many people were curious about Lim Bo-ra’s current situation after the cafe disappeared.

What is she doing now?

Lim Bo-ra is working as an actress.

On Oct 25th, Lim Bo-ra drew attention from fans by uploading photos of her acting through Instagram.

Lim Bo-ra caught the eye by transforming into an AI (Hologram) in the music video for “Destination” by Miyake Ken, a singer from the popular Japanese group V6.

“Destination” is a song in Miyake Ken’s first solo mini-album “NEWWW”.

The mini-album “NEWWW”, which is attracting attention not only in Japan but also in Korea thanks to Lim Bo-ra’s appearance, will be released on Nov 16th.

Source: insight

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