OMEGA X arrived in Korea amid abuse controversy: The members bowed their heads while fans cried 

OMEGA X entered Korea quietly amidst the controversy that they were abused by their agency CEO. 

Fans who saw OMEGA X members at the arrival gate of the airport burst into tears. A fan who was crying so hard even fainted and fell to the ground.

OMEGA X arrived in Korea amid abuse controversy

OMEGA X departed from LA, the last city of their world tour, and returned to Korea through Incheon International Airport at 6:30 pm KST on October 25th.

About 100 fans were waiting for the members at the arrival gate with heavy expressions as their return was right after the report that they had been physically and verbally abused by Kang, the CEO of their agency, on October 23rd.

OMEGA X arrived in Korea amid abuse controversy
OMEGA X arrived in Korea amid abuse controversy

Jaehan, who is known to have been particularly assaulted by Kang, bowed his head and only nodded to the support of his fans. Other OMEGA X members were quietly led by bodyguards and returned home in two prepared vans, not the company vehicles.

As the members left the airport, fans burst out in tears. One fan fell to the floor while crying and fainted for a moment.

Fan A, who witnessed Jaehan being assaulted outside a hotel while attending OMEGA X’s concert in LA, recalled, “I am still traumatized when I think of that time. I heard someone calling the member’s name out loud, so I ran, and their agency CEO dragged and knocked Jaehan down to the floor. I saw Jaehan crying right in front of me, and my heart ached so much that I couldn’t sleep.

OMEGA X arrived in Korea amid abuse controversy

At the time, Fan B, who filmed everything at the scene and posted the footage directly on social media, also said, “It was very heartbreaking to see the members’ tremble their hands or stiffen their bodies when the representatives of their agency came. I witnessed the abuse of power by the agency’s CEO in person while I was determined to make things public. The agency threatened to sue me for the video I shot myself.”

OMEGA X arrived in Korea amid abuse controversy

Other fans also responded that things are about to explode. In particular, Fan C revealed, “Around June, when members Jaehan and Yechan were filming for the drama ‘A Shoulder to Cry On’, the representative of the agency suddenly verbally abused the female actors who appeared in the drama, saying things like ‘Don’t act like a fox’ and ‘Don’t flirt’, ruining the atmosphere at the filming site. At that time, my heart hurt so much to see the members, who were really embarrassed but couldn’t say anything. A big public discussion is sorely needed.

On the other hand, on October 23rd, a netizen released a video which showed Kang, the representative of the agency, verbally and assaulting OMEGA X members at a restaurant parking lot and hotel lobby in LA.

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While asked about the incident, the agency explained, “We talked about our feelings of disappointment to each other at the end of the overseas tour. However, the scandal spread further after it was revealed that the agency unilaterally canceled the members’ return flights and left them stranded at the airport, having to pay their own way home.

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