Park Joon Myeon: “Reunite with ‘Queen’ Kim Hye Soo after a year, perfect teamwork in real life as well”

Park Joon Myeon arrived at “Cinetown” to share her stories at the filming site of “Under The Queen’s Umbrella.”

Park Joon Myeon, who is filming tvN’s drama “Under The Queen’s Umbrella,” appeared as a guest in the corner “Musical Collabo” in SBS POWER FM’s Park Ha Sun‘s Cinetown,” which aired on Nov 3rd. 

park ha sun sbs power fm

On the show, when asked by the listener, ‘I’m enjoying watching ‘Under The Queen’s Umbrella’. Is the filming cold these days because of the hanbok?” Park Joon Myeon said, “We filmed ‘Under The Queen’s Umbrella’ for a year. We’ve been through all four seasons, and it’s the easiest to shoot these days. Summer is too hot,” she replied.

DJ Park Ha Sun also said, “That’s right. Hanbok can be worn in layers. I used to wear ski pants under my hanbok when filming in the winter. But summer is speechless,” she said.

park ha sun

Park Ha Sun then asked, “You appeared in all scenes with Kim Hye Soo, how’s your teamwork?” to which Park Joon Myeon said, “Since I’ve been with her for a year and served her as a Queen, our teamwork is very good in real life. It goes without saying,” she said, “We eat a lot of meat, too. Because we need the strength,” she said, expressing their friendship.

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