“Sixth Sense 3”, which is seeing a decrease in viewership, to welcome the return of original cast member Jeon So-min

Actress Jeon So-min, an original cast member of “Sixth Sense”, announced her return to the Season 3 of this program.

At the end of tvN’s “Sixth Sense 3” broadcast on April 29th, a preview for episode 8 showing Jeon So-min’s comeback to complete the cast after such a long time was released, attracting attention from fans.

Sixth Sense 3” even prepared a red carpet event to welcome Jeon So-min back on the show. Jeon So-min put her hands in the pockets of her pants and walked on the red carpet with a bright smile.  At this moment, Yoo Jae-seok drew laughter as he said, “Is this really necessary?”.

Sixth Sense 3

When Jeon So-min said, “You cared about my comeback again, didn’t you?”, Yoo Jae-seok replied, “The fact that you’re here really bothers me”. The two once again showed their chemistry between bickering brother and sister, drawing laughter.

Sixth Sense 3

Fans are raising high expectations on what kind of fun that “entertainment genius” Jeon So-min will create with the members.

Sixth Sense 3

Meanwhile, Jeon So-min, who was originally scheduled to appear on “Sixth Sense 3” following Seasons 1 and 2, was unable to join several episodes due to her foot injury. 

Sixth Sense 3

Sixth Sense”, without the participation of Jeon So-min, started its 3rd season with 3.5%, the highest rating throughout the season, in the first episode (based on Nielsen Korea’s data). Since then, its rating has fallen gradually after each episode and recently recorded only 2.5% in the 6th broadcast. 

Sixth Sense 3

Amidst the low performance, the viewers complained how they missed Jeon So-min’s pleasant sense of entertainment. 

Sixth Sense 3

Will Jeon So-min be able to help “Sixth Sense 3” gain a better rating?  Episode 8 will air at 8:40 p.m on May 6th.

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