BIG BANG’s G-Dragon was recently seen enjoying makgeolli with his acquaintances

Big Bang member G-Dragon drew the attention of fans by revealing his daily life and current situation, showing his outstanding fashion sense. 

Peace Mine One, a fashion brand founded by G-Dragon, shared a number of photos of G-Dragon’s daily life on Instagram on the 30th.


Along with G-Dragon posing in a hanok, he also revealed how he has been enjoying makgeolli on the street by visiting Gwangjang Market in Seoul with his acquaintances.

G-Dragon, who is counted as a global ‘fashion icon’, is also showing off his unique fashion sense. He showed off a comfortable yet distinctive casual look with a black hat, PK T-shirt, and checkered pants. In other outfits, he layered a sleeveless t-shirt and at the same time showed the standard of ‘Kuan-ku’ fashion with denim jogger pants. Here, he matched his own brand red coat to show off his personality.


G-Dragon is currently promoting with Big Bang. Big Bang, reorganized into a four-member group, released a new song ‘Still Life’ on the 5th and topped domestic music charts, proving their continued popularity.

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