Big Bang’s comeback severely disappointed YG investors

Investors of YG Entertainment rushed to sell the company’s stocks, upset that Big Bang did not promote their comeback song nor release a new physical album. 

Recently, an article titled “YG investors let down by Big Bang’s comeback” was published on the news site Korea Economic Daily. Big Bang’s recent single “Still Life” was topping the charts and setting new records, but that was not enough, the article claimed

BIGBANG comeback 2022

The famous boy group was on hiatus due to their military services and various scandals. However, there is no denying Big Bang’s success as a leader of the Hallyu wave, and their world tour “MADE” in 2015 sold over 1.5 million tickets. 

Big Bang’s comeback was thus highly-anticipated, and accordingly, YG investors expected stock prices to rise. Unfortunately, since “Still Life” dropped, the agency’s stock seemed to be facing a downward trend. Stock prices plunged to 71,000 won on April 1, and decreased further to 65,800 on April 5 (the day of the comeback). For now, it is fluctuating around 60,000 won, and sees little prospect of rising. 

Big Bang recently made their first comeback in 4 years. 

According to Korea Economic Daily, many investors sold their holdings after noticing that Big Bang was not promoting, and that there were no plans for future activities or a physical album. In addition, T.O.P implied that he would soon leave the group, which makes “Still Life” the final project with Big Bang’s four-member lineup. All considered, Korea Economic Daily believed that YG’s performance on the stock market was still heavily reliant on Big Bang. 

Still Life

To the relief of fans, YG Entertainment has been refuting all rumors regarding Big Bang’s disbandment. However, this is not enough to soothe their investors, who require clearer answers. “To raise their stock prices, YG needs to use the hype from Big Bang’s comeback“, Korea Economic Daily said.

Big Bang’s newest single “Still Life” was released on April 5. This is the group’s first MV after Seungri’s scandalous departure, and may be the final one that features T.O.P.

Still Life

Still Life” is a clear proof that Big Bang never once loses their throne. The group is still a major pillar of YG Entertainment, and their worldwide influence is undeniable. 

Korea Economic Daily
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