Lee Jong Suk shares behind-the-scenes photos of new drama “Big Mouth”, showing off his handsome visuals in… jail?

Playing a lawyer, but Lee Jong Suk’s character in Big Mouth might go to jail? 

After many times spotted filming “Big Mouth” and having low-quality set photos posted by fans, Lee Jong Suk himself recently shared two photos of him on the set of the upcoming drama. This is also the first time fans can see a close-up of Lee Jong Suk‘s visuals in “Big Mouth“.

lee jong suk

Despite taking on the role of a lawyer, in one photo, Lee Jong Suk appears in a background that looks like a prison. He also wears “convict-style” pants and white sneakers. Therefore, fans are beyond curious about the storyline of “Big Mouth“, why lawyer Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) has to show up in jail.

lee jong suk
Close-ups of Lee Jong Suk’s visual as Park Chang Ho

Some comments from netizens:

  • Wow, lawyer Park Chang Ho, last time he was in a school uniform, and now he is in jail? 
  • He looks so tiny
  • So cute, his face is brighter than my future
  • Yoona comes take your husband home, why put him in jail like this
  • Still can’t believe this genius face is playing a useless lawyer

Big Mouth” is a legal drama about a third-rate lawyer who happens to be in charge of a murder case and then accidentally digs into the truth that is being hidden. Strange things happen in the case after the truth is revealed, forcing the lawyer to make a decision: Either become a villain and protect his family, or just protect himself in a world full of intrigue and lust. That lawyer is Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk), who is initially considered incompetent, useless in court, with extremely low success rate in lawsuits.

lee jong suk yoona

Big Mouth” is set to premiere this year.

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