Suzy opened a YouTube channel…The actress boasted natural beauty in a Sweden travelling vlog

Suzy opened her own YouTube channel and released a video.

Suzy released a three-minute long video titled “Travel Vlog” on her YouTube channel “suzy” on the afternoon of the 4th.

In the released video, Suzy was on a train to Malmö in Sweden where she filmed the video.


Suzy showed off her extraordinary beauty as she posed to the staff video-ing her. When the staff commented, “You look very thin today”. Suzy replied with a slight surprise in her voice, “Really?” while simultaneously checking her face with her smartphone.


After getting off the train, the actress expressed his excitement by swaying her whole body and banging her head. The staff jokingly said, “I’m scared someone will see you”. Suzy admitted by saying “My excitement is really too much these days” and touched her forehead as if she was feeling dizzy.


The  two carried out their journey to the market and looked around with amazement at the fresh and “cute” produce. Upon seeing the fruits, Suzy said, “I’m hungry”.

Bae Suzy was born in 1994 and debuted as a member of Miss A in 2010. She is returning to the small screen in Netflix drama “The Girl Downstairs” following her hit drama “Anna” premiered on Coupang Play. 

Image: “suzy” YouTube

Source: nate

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