Photo of Suzy spotted filming new drama “The Girl Downstairs” becomes a hot topic 

Suzy was spotted on the street filming “The Girl Downstairs”, drawing netizens’ attention. 

A photo of Suzy on the set of her upcoming drama “The Girl Downstairs” was recently shared on social media and online communities. It has quickly become a hot topic among netizens. 

In the photo, Suzy has long black hair with bangs. She was wearing a white mini dress, boasting her youthful and innocent visuals. 

Netizens left comments on the photo:

  • “As expected, the image of the main character in ‘The Girl Downstairs’ suits Suzy perfectly”
  • “The female lead in the webtoon is so attractive. It seems to fit Suzy’s image”
  • “It’s perfect casting. I can’t wait to watch the drama”

Suzy is in the middle of filming for Netflix’s upcoming original series “The Girl Downstairs”. Suzy plays the main character Lee Doona, the main vocalist of the girl group Sweet Dream who decides to give up on her celebrity life and returns to the Department of Theater and Film at Minsong University.

“The Girl Downstairs” is based on Naver’s popular webtoon “Lee Doona!” that was first published in 2019 and ended in July of this year. It received great love from readers and drew a large fan base throughout its serialization.

“The Girl Downstairs” tells the story of Lee Doona, a female idol who suddenly chooses to retire due to an unfortunate incident, and Lee Won Joon, a first-year college student, who lives in the upstairs apartment.

Yang Se Jong, who is known for his role in romantic dramas such as “Degree of Love” and “Still 17”, was cast for the male lead Lee Won Joon. As “The Girl Downstairs” is the first work he joined after being discharged from the military in November of last year, fans’ interest in his comeback is rising.

In particular, expectations are also high for the couple’s chemistry that Suzy and Yang Se Jong will showcase.

As soon as the news about “Lee Doona!” getting a K-drama adaptation was released, viewers’ expectations for the casting soared. In particular, since the female lead character is portrayed as someone who always draws attention with her perfect visuals and unique aura in the webtoon, the actress selected to play Lee Doona was the biggest topic of discussion.

When Suzy was reported to be the chosen actress to portray Lee Doona, there were many positive reactions, saying it was the “dream casting”. 

Suzy was also once active as the main vocalist of the girl group Miss A, so she is expected to perfectly express the emotions of Lee Doona, the former main vocalist of Sweet Dream in the drama.

Until now, Suzy has diligently broadened her acting spectrum by taking on various roles through dramas such as “Vagabond” and “Startup”. In particular, recently, she has received much praise for playing a woman who started living a completely different life due to a small lie in Coupang Play’s original series “Anna”. Therefore, viewers are looking forward to a new side of Suzy that she will show in “The Girl Downstairs”. 

Meanwhile, “The Girl Downstairs” started filming at the end of July and is scheduled to be released on Netflix in 2023.

Source: daum

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