ITZY Ryujin: born with a golden spoon, excellent from beauty to visuals 

ITZY Ryujin leads an extremely admirable life. At the same time, she still suffers from mismanagement and malicious rumors 

Ever since her debut with girl group ITZY, Ryujin has been the talk of town with her outstanding talent and visuals. In addition, as netizens dig into her family background, admiration for the female idol even grows higher.

Ryujin was born in 2001 in Gangnam, Seoul, which is one of the most expensive districts in Korea where only wealthy families live. Ryujin’s father is said to be the director of a large hospital with a wage that amounts to over 170 million won per month, while Ryujin herself is said to have gone to a luxurious international school, which stems her now excellent English skills.

Even when she was young, Ryujin has always drawn attention for her stunning visuals. In 2015, she went to an event of JYP boy group GOT7, and immediately caught the eyes of the company, who scouted her to become a trainee. Soon enough, Ryujin boasted outstanding abilities, and later topped the YG survival program “Mix9”, as well as featured in a video among BTS’ Highlight Reels. Later on, Ryujin was announced as the upcoming member of ITZY. 

In 2019, Ryujin made her official debut as the center of ITZY. She immediately became a hot topic with her immense stage presence and versatile style, though her “girl crush” vibe is said to be most prominent. In addition, her perfect physique was also the talk of town, and Ryujin also has a charming and humorous personality that helps her easily win over the hearts of fans.

However, despite having impressive beauty and talent, Ryujin was mismanaged by JYP various times, and is often dressed in questionable outfits and hair styling. It was only around a year prior that the female idol finally got her well-deserved treatment. 

The dating rumor between Ryujin and Haechan (NCT) came unexpectedly in May 2021. Many people are pointing out instances that show the two idols are in a relationship. On August 16, 2022, Wikitree reported that female idol A appeared in front of male idol B’s apartment. Many netizens think that the 2 idols mentioned are Ryujin and Haechan. It’s worth noting that, despite the fact that the rumor has been going around for a year, neither JYP nor SM have responded.

After 3 years of operation, Ryujin has achieved many successes. According to KpopStar, the female idol’s net worth as of 2022 is $2 million, which makes her the richest member of ITZY.

Ryujin garnered high praise from the crowd for her talent as well as her visual. Fans hope that JYP will take better care of Ryujin in the future.

Source: yan

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