VIVIZ’s Umji Explains Members’ Personalities, “SinB Can’t Hide Emotions While Eunha Is The Opposite”

VIVIZ’s Umji talked about the personalities of members SinB and Eunha

Girl group VIVIZ guested in the third and fourth parts of MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope” broadcast on October 6th.

When asked which member is sometimes more immature than her, the youngest member Umji said, “All of them”. Regarding SinB, Umji said, “She can’t hide her emotions. I think she will be just the same even when she becomes a grandmother. But that helps us understand each other better”. In response, SinB honestly said, “I’m the type of person who may get sick when I have to hide something”.

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Describing Eunha’s personality, Umji shared, “Eunha tends to hide her feelings but sometimes she just reveals her inner thoughts without knowing. I actually like the combination of these members. I think all of those personality traits are their strengths”.

When asked if she’s really a crybaby, Eunha explained, “I don’t cry that much. It’s just a misunderstanding”. 

Revealing that they’re using separate rooms, VIVIZ said, “We often gather in the living room”. SinB shared, “I don’t often stay in my own room. I’m a homebody who enjoys the living room”. Umji added, “Even if I go somewhere and return after 5 hours, she’ll still be in the living room. Sometimes I cannot believe it”. On the other hand, Eunha loves her bedroom and doesn’t often go out. 

When asked to choose between “No.1 on music chart” and “1st place in lottery”, SinB firmly picked the former option. Expressing affection for her group’s album, she said, “We believe that it’s a masterpiece”.

Source: Daum

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