Kim Ji Min, who is dating Kim Jun Ho, “Marriage in the second half of this year? 2,000 people will come”

Comedian Kim Ji Min mentioned her wedding.

SBS Plus’ entertainment show “Open Run“, which aired on May 3rd, depicted the daily life in which social distancing was lifted. On this day, Kim Ji Min first revealed that she was waiting for many events to be held after lifting social distancing.

kim ji min

Then, when the wedding venue was mentioned as the biggest beneficiary of lifting social distancing, MC Jun Jin expressed regret, saying, “I could only invite 90 people, too. I didn’t get to invite many celebrities.”

As Kim Ji Min was well aware of the complicated wedding preparation process, Jun Jin said, “Why do you know about this so well? Is there any chance…” Kim Ji Min then reacted by smiling. 

Regarding wedding venues being fully booked following the full-fledged lift of social distancing measures, Kim Ji Min asked, “Can’t I get married in the second half of this year?” and “Isn’t there something like cancellation? If people break up their engagement midway.”

kim ji min

She then said, “You reap what you sow. About 2,000 people will come (to my wedding),” making everyone laugh. 

Meanwhile, Kim Ji Min drew attention in April when she was revealed to be dating Kim Jun Ho, a senior comedian whom she worked with for a long time on KBS 2TV’s “Gag Concert.”

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