Han Ye-seul hurriedly explains the controversy over her inappropriate action while traveling with her boyfriend

As the controversy over her photos taken at a tourist destination in the U.S continued, actress Han Ye-seul announced her position.

OSEN reported an interview with Han Ye-seul’s representative on May 5th. According to the report, Han Ye-seul is currently staying in the U.S with her boyfriend Ryu Sung-jae.

han ye seul

The representative claimed, “The two took commemorative photos while taking a hiking course on their Antelope Canyon tour and were accompanied by a guide”.

They added, “If that action had been banned, the couple wouldn’t have done it since they were with a guide”.

Earlier on May 2nd, Han Ye-seul uploaded several photos of her trip with her boyfriend on Instagram along with the caption “HIKING THROUGH WONDERS”. However, netizens pointed out the fact that Han Ye-seul climbed in between the walls of the canyon. The actress got criticized because the place she visited is a natural heritage and it is strictly prevented from being damaged. 

In fact, a warning sign that says “Do not climb the rock walls” is placed in front of the entrance to the canyon. After the issue arose, Han Ye-seul deleted the controversial photos

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