Kim Tae Ri returns with Na Hee Do’s polar-opposite image on “Revenant” 

New stills of Kim Tae Ri on “Revenant” have been released.

This June, the Korean audience and K-drama enthusiasts are greeted with a “feast” of K-dramas. Apart from “Lies in My Garden” starring Kim Tae Hee, Shin Hye Sun on “See You in My 19th Life”, or “King the Land” starring Yoona, Kim Tae Ri will be making a comeback with “Revenant”.

“Revenant” is a drama of the thriller, horror, and mystery genres, promising to bring a suspenseful and exhilarating experience to viewers. Kim Tae Ri plays Ku San Young, a struggling girl who is always swamped with work. She works part-time by day and studies for the 9th-grade civil service exam by night.

Still images of Kim Tae Ri as Ku San Young in “Revenant”

Life would just pass by if she did not receive articles from her late father. From this point onwards, a series of mysterious deaths start taking place around San Young. More terrifyingly, she can feel changes within herself.

Last year, Kim Tae Ri was making a buzz in and out of Korea with “Twenty – Five, Twenty – One”. As Na Hee Do, she is a strong, resilient, and optimistic high-school girl who dreams and loves with all her heart.

Two contrasting imge between “Twenty – Five, Twenty – One” Na Hee Do and “Revenant” Ku San Young

However, as Ku San Young, Kim Tae Ri will flesh out a clueless girl tormented by never-ending anxiety and distress after being dragged into episodes of supernatural events. This is a much darker role than her previous ones. Therefore, fans are hyped to see how Kim Tae Ri will bring her character to life.

“Revenant” will air every Friday and Saturday on SBS, starting on June 23rd.   

Source: K14 

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