Ex-AOA Kwon Min Ah confesses, “My life was like trash… The existence of depression is like cancer”

Kwon Min Ah, a former member of the girl group AOA, expressed her thoughts on perpetrators and victims.

On February 7th, Kwon Min Ah made a long post on her SNS account, saying “There are so many issues, such as school violence, sexual assault, rape, threatening, fraud, voice phishing, murdering, stalking, gaslighting, etc.”

She continued, “If there is evidence or witness that you suffer mental damage due to another person, or if there are more than one victim, I hope they can reveal both their real name and face. ‘I can’t show my face properly because I have a life to live’, ‘I can’t live pretending to be a good person’… When will that day come?”

Kwon Mina

Kwon Min Ah shared, “Sadness and depression are very different. Depression makes you tired because it affects your social life a lot. It takes lots of time to escape depression, and it’s quite scary that it can easily return. I know the reason why. I’m very angry seeing those people living their good life. I wanted to become the same kind of person as them but I failed. I’ve never done violent acts. I can’t and will never do that. They’re smart and they’ll leave evidence.”

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She calmly said, “There are many reasons why people in their 10s and 20s can’t tell anyone about such issues. They were embarrassed and afraid of revenge. There were people who kept looking at them. Their mothers’ worries broke their hearts. They raised the hope that things would change if they tried hard. Above all, the perpetrators wouldn’t be punished because it was hard to gather evidence. There were so many reasons. But as time goes by, I think I’ve made friends with more courageous people. Don’t be embarrassed and live more confidently. Don’t blame yourself. Reveal it, report it. In fact, there is only one thing the victims want from the perpetrator. That’s a sincere apology without formalities or words that they’re forced to say… Everyone can make mistakes in life. There can be times when we were immature and jealous of others…”

Kwon Mina

She added, “We can forgive the perpetrators for everything. They just need to apologize but it seems to be very difficult”, then listed recent events.

Kwon Min Ah confessed, “It is true that sometimes the punishments surprise me. Most of them are suspended, and that’s too scary because they’ve hurt others too much. I can’t help imagining it. I want to stop getting hurt. I lived a life like trash in my 10s and 20s. When I was in my 20s, I made extreme choices several times and wanted to end my life. After returning to life, I really wanted to turn 30. I thought life in my 30s would be better. But I’m not sure about it. I imagine what I want to achieve and write them down in my diary every day. I believe that it would come true someday. I also wonder what I did wrong.”

She continued, “People call me a psychopath, but I’m actually a patient with depression and mental illness. It’s like cancer. I want you to know that it’s not a disease that you can ridicule. If there is any depression patient around you, don’t try to empathize. Just listen and stay with them. That’s the biggest comfort to them”.

Lastly, Kwon Min Ah said, “I’m still looking for the cause. I always find people around pointing fingers at me, asking ‘Is there a problem with her?’. But there is no particular cause for bullying. There’s no particular reason for fraud. They just want to do it. The victims have no fault at all. Don’t say things like ‘That one is so narrow-minded or stupid…’ to others when they are desperate. There are more ways to give them hope. I hope all the victims don’t blame themselves.”

Source: daum

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