BLACKPINK’s debut stage may leave YG new girl group with a lot of pressure 

After 7 years, YG Entertainment is finally introducing a new girl group, BABY MONSTER. As the junior of BLACKPINK, the group is expected to continue their great success, and thus, bear a lot of pressure. In addition, a lot of netizens are recalling the debut stage of BLACKPINK and wondering if BABY MONSTER can live up to it. 

YG has teased a new girl group after 7 years 
Netizens believe that BABY MONSTER needs a debut as grand as BLACKPINK 

With two debut songs BOOMBAYAH and Whistle, BLACKPINK gained immediate attention from netizens. They also performed the two songs on the SBS music show Inkigayo. 

BLACKPINK gained public attention with their 2 debut songs 

Despite being a rookie, the stage of BLACKPINK is grand and well-decorated. In addition, the group was dressed in an eye-catching style, leading to a mind-blowing stage that retains in the mind of many. 

YG invest a lot into BLACKPINK’s debut stage 

In addition, BLACKPINK was also praised for their choreography and vocals despite being rookies. Their stage presence and expression that fully embody the “girl crush” spirit also easily win people over. In fact, the group is so talented, they may be mistaken for a senior group instead of rookies. 

BLACKPINK brings to life a professional stage 
The group exuded strong stage presence and expression 
Scenes from BLACKPINK’s debut stage easily go viral
A lot of people can’t help but constantly replay the group’s debut stage 

Now, BLACKPINK has won over audiences not only in domestic music shows but also on international stages such as the world’s biggest music festival Coachella. They are also going on a World Tour in various cities.

BLACKPINK is popular both in and outside of Korea

BLACKPINK’s outstanding success is an advantage as well as a pressure for BABY MONSTER. Watching BLACKPINK’s excellent debut stage, BABY MONSTER will have a lot to learn. YG’s rookie needs to show more in order not to be compared to their senior. Vocal, dance and stage presence are important factors to be evaluated.

In the introductory video, BABY MONSTER members all give a good impression of their dancing skills
Lee Dain
Lee Dain is commented to have good vocals.

Lisa is a dance mentor for BABY MONSTER. Jennie also participated in the trainee evaluation. Talking about his juniors, Seunghoon said, “There’s no doubt about their excellent skills.” AKMU’s Suhyun praised, “Their facial expressions are really good, their every action can really steal fans’ hearts.”

baby monster

Lisa praised the trainees.

Details about BABY MONSTER have not yet been announced by YG. However, fans still have high expectations that they will do as well as BLACKPINK did.

Source: yan. 

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