aespa Karina appeared at an unexpected place with no makeup on, fans are swooned by her beauty

Karina (real name Yoo Ji-min) a member of aespa, got the chance to show off her unique beauty at an NBA game in the U.S on Nov 27th. 

On Dec 7th, a post titled “Karina appeared on the billboard while watching basketball in New York” was uploaded onto the online community theqoo. The post shows Karina appearing on the electronic display while watching an NBA game in the U.S on Nov 27th. Karina, who was watching basketball, waved her hands and arms with her acquaintances after she realized she was appearing on the big screen.

aespa Karina no makeup

Especially, Karina stands out for her dazzling appearance, even though she wasn’t wearing her usual stage makeup. The netizens who saw this reacted with an explosive reaction, saying, “The type of face that is envied the most…” “She really looked like a just-peeled egg, so pretty,” “So attractive,” “The person next to her looked excited too,” and “I personally prefer her in light makeup.”

aespa Karina no makeup


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