BLINKs respond after BLACKPINK is said to be not as united as BTS

There was a battle right after BTS joined Instagram – which is originally BLACKPINK’s “territory”.

On December 6, the social network exploded when BTS members launched personal Instagram accounts. Immediately, the number of followers continuously increased, exceeding millions. In particular, since Instagram is originally the “territory” where BLACKPINK members dominate in terms of followers, BTS’s joining this platform will certainly create a fierce competition between two groups.


That’s why fans can’t help but compare these two names. One detail that fans take out to prove that BTS’s teamwork is better than BLACKPINK’s is that as soon as they opened their personal accounts, each member quickly followed each other. Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is the complete opposite when the members do not follow each other. Besides, all 4 members of BLACKPINK are currently not following anyone.

BLACKPINK has been using Instagram since 2018 and hasn’t followed anyone yet

BLINK, on the other hand, was quick to point out something that BTS didn’t do but BLACKPINK did. While BTS members freely shared their personal photos in the first post, BLACKPINK is the polar opposite. In their first post, all 4 members posted group photos and also tagged others’ accounts.

The first posts of all 4 BLACKPINK members on Instagram are a group photo
They also tagged each other in this post

What is shown on social networks of course cannot fully reflect the teamwork of the members of BTS or BLACKPINK in particular and all other Kpop groups in general. However, this is still an issue that attracts attention and inadvertently creates intense fan wars between the two fandoms. 

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