Netizens believe IU is in love again and here’s why

Singer IU recently released songs about love quite often, raising unexpected rumors of her being in a romantic relationship. It was speculated that IU might imply her romantic relationship with her songs.

Recently, on a number of online communities, netizens have made posts saying, “IU seems to be in a relationship.” Most of these posts pointed out that IU often contains fresh emotions in her lyrics at the beginning of her relationship. IU is famous for including her own stories in her lyrics, and considering that she has released many songs about love recently, fans speculate that she is likely to be in a relationship.

IU is in love again

IU’s “Strawberry Moon,” released in October, also expresses the emotions of someone falling in love. The song compares what happens inside a person in love to a large strawberry-colored moon. In addition, all of IU’s recent albums such as “Flu” and “Blueming” contain love-themed songs. In particular, there are lyrics such as “Oh, I fell in love like a fool again” and “I have no choice but to be troubled by you for a while.”

Netizens emphasize that IU gave signals to fans several times even before admitting her romantic relationship with singer Jang Ki-ha in the past. In fact, IU said on a broadcast, “I love the feeling of having a crush on someone”, “If I like someone, I will confess. I did that last year”, “Being in a romantic relationship will boost your self-esteem”, implying that she was dating before her relationship with Jang Ki-ha was publicized in 2015.

IU is in love again

IU was born in 1993 and has turned 28 this year. She made her debut with the first mini-album “Lost And Found” in 2008. IU established herself as a representative singer-songwriter in Korea, making many hit songs, such as, “Through the Night”, “Friday”, “Meaning of You”, “Good Day”, “eight”, etc. In 2011, IU also debuted as an actor through the KBS’s drama “Dream High”. After that, she continued to prove her acting skills through tvN’s “My Mister” and “Hotel Del Luna”.

IU and Jang Ki-ha started dating after meeting each other at a radio program in 2013, but the couple broke up in 2017 due to busy schedules, ending their 4-year relationship.

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