BTS’s Jimin extends his achievement on Instagram with 66 million mentions for hashtag #jimin

BTS’s Jimin extended his record for the No.1 used hashtag for an individual in Instagram’s history. 

On Dec 6th, Jimin‘s unique hashtag #jimin surpassed 66 million mentions on Instagram – the world’s largest photo-sharing platform.

BTS Jimin Instagram
BTS Jimin Instagram

In addition, 60 Jimin-related words such as #parkjimin (36.39 million), #btsjimin (9.57 million) and #jiminbts (3,65 million) recorded a total of 2.8216 billion posts, recording the world’s highest personal mention volume.

BTS Jimin Instagram

Jimin, who has been called “Emperor of Twitter” and “King of SNS”, has also enjoyed the greatest popularity on Instagram. In August 2020, #jimin became the first personal hashtag to reach 50 million posts on Instagram, setting the world’s first and only record.

BTS Jimin Instagram

This was a record that surpassed world-class figures such as former US President Barack Obama, famous pop stars Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift at that time, leaving a big issue in Instagram’s history. Since then, he has been showing his strongest SNS player’s aspect with a relentless streak of new records.

BTS Jimin Instagram

Meanwhile, while BTS members opened personal Instagram accounts to communicate with fans, Jimin’s account “j.m” quickly surpassed 10 million followers, showing off his dignity as a top global star.

BTS Jimin Instagram

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