Fans’ anger towards Luhan’s giving Dilraba Dilmurat a nickname same as…his girlfriend’s dog’s

A lot of netizens recognized that there was something wrong with the nickname that Luhan gave Dilraba Dilmurat in “Keep Running” TV Show.

Luhan, EXO, Dilraba , Keep Running, love life

Luhan and Dilraba are the youngest couple of “Keep Running”, which is Chinese “Running Man” Show. Both of them used to make shippers’ hearts beat fast when there were a lot of “chemical reactions” between them. Dilraba was even insulted by Luhan’s fans because they assumed that their idol had feelings for her.

Luhan, EXO, Dilraba , Keep Running, 2017
Luhan, EXO, Dilraba , Keep Running, 2017

Luhan even gave Dilraba a nickname which was “Little Di”. However, after all, Guan Xiaotong was chosen to be his girlfriend.
After Luhan admitted his relationship with Guan Xiaotong, netizens found out that the nickname Luhan gave Dilraba was same as…his girlfriend’s dog’s.

luhan Xiaotong, dating, relationship

Nevertheless, there was an idea saying that, Dilraba is often called as Fat Di and also younger than Luhan, so he added “Little” before “Di” to make it as “Little Di” (Little Fat).

A number of netizens showed their anger if Luhan really used his girlfriend’s dog’s name to give to Dilraba.

“-The show intended to arrange them as a couple so that Dilraba would be abused. When he was dating, she was not only insulted but also asked about her feelings by the journalist. Oh, it seems that she had to suffer it all for doing nothing, right? Now, this happens!

– I still supported you even when you admitted your relationship, but now… goodbye, you’ve gone too far, Luhan! Dilraba did nothing to be abused by your fans during the whole time and now became an object of derision.”

luhan,Xiaotong, dating, retionship

However, there was still an opinion that protected Luhan as below:
“-I am not convinced at all because the nickname “Little Di” means fat baby which are popularly used in China. Dilraba’s nickname is “Fat Di”, so Luhan added “Little” to make it sound natural. Moreover, perhaps Luhan used this nickname from the beginning of the show. At that time, there was no conflict between them, so I believe there’s no reason for Luhan to have such a bad attitude towards her. This nickname stuff was just a coincidence”.

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