The only “dark history” that TWICE’s Sana really wants to erase

TWICE’s activities are receiving attention due to comeback rumors. In particular, the scene showing Sana’s cute ‘dark past’ is being re-examined by fans.

A broadcast of MBC’s program “Oppa Thinking”, which aired in 2017, showed TWICE talking about their mistakes during broadcasts. The members mentioned “CHEER UP” activities as the hardest time. 


On the broadcast that day, MC Yoo Se-yoon said, “I heard someone dozed off while singing”. In response, Momo said, “Sana dozed off while we were doing the flower dance. It looked like she was sleeping on the monitor screen”.


The program revealed the scene when Sana was sleepy when appearing on KBS2’s show “Trick and True”, which was aired in 2016.  Sana in the video showed her professional side by clapping even when she was half asleep, making everyone laugh.


Sana then said, “I thought I was looking at it with my eyes widely open. It was because I had stayed up all night for the third day at that time.” Jeongyeon added, “Then in the break time, the PD told her to go out and get some fresh air.”


After the broadcast, Sana also confessed that she wanted to erase the memory of her mistake on “Trick and True” broadcast through TWICE’s official Instagram. Sana once again explained, “I tried so hard to record normally but made the mistake. I just closed my eyes and pouted my lips without realizing it.”

Internet users who saw Sana’s cute sleepy moment commented, “Sana looks pretty even when she dozes off”, “Cute. But it’s still a dark history”, etc.

Source: Insight

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