Ranking all of Ji Chang Wook’s chemistry with his female co-stars: from excellent to average

Ji Chang Wook is undoubtedly an outstanding actor, but can he boast chemistry with all his on-screen lovers?

Popular and talented as Ji Chang Wook is, netizens are always curious about the actor’s next projects, as well as which actress will become his co-star. They’d then make comparisons, and evaluate who shines the most next to the handsome star.

Ahead of Ji Chang Wook’s collaboration with Choi Sooyoung in “If You Wish Upon Me”, let’s recount his previous chemistry with past co-stars. 

A-level: Outstanding chemistry

For this category, two irrefutable collaborations of Ji Chang Wook are with Ha Ji Won and Park Min Young, who starred in “Empress Ki” and “Healer”, respectively. As both actresses are well-recognized for their acting skills, it’s understandable that they also boast top-notch chemistry. 

For Ha Ji Won, the actress has never failed in any acting performance, while Park Min Young has long been recognized for the ability to draw intense chemistry no matter who is her co-star. In the case of Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook, their collaboration was more heart-wrenching, while Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook were sweet and fun. The latter even earned two Best Couple titles at the KBS Drama Awards and the Annual DramaFever Awards.

In addition, Ji Chang Wook’s chemistry with Yoona in “The K2”, and Nam Ji Hyun in “Suspicious Partner” were also iconic and fitting of the A-level. 

Both of the aforementioned dramas are also highly popular in overseas nations, and international fans never fail to shower these two series with praise. 

B-level: Acceptable chemistry 

Compared to the overwhelming chemistry with Ha Ji Won, Park Min Young, Yoona, and Nam Ji Hyun, Ji Chang Wook’s performances with Kim Yoo Jung in “Backstreet Rookie”, Kim Ji Won in “Lovestruck In The City”, and Choi Sooyoung in “If You Wish Upon Me” were good but not remarkable. 

As for Kim Yoo Jung, the 13-year age difference between Ji Chang Wook and the former child actress is the reason why many viewers claim they find it difficult to feel the chemistry between them. This is not the first time Kim Yoo Jung and a male co-star with a large age gap are said to lack chemistry. Previously in “Clean with Passion For Now”, the chemistry between Kim Yoo Jung and another 1987-born actor, Yoon Kyun Sang, was also deemed underwhelming. It seems that Kim Yoo Jung can create the best chemistry with actors around her age. 

As for Kim Ji Won, both the chemistry and face combination of her and Ji Chang Wook in “Lovestruck in the City” are said to be more harmonious than his previous pairing with Kim Yoo Jung. However, when compared to each of their chemistry with other partners in more outstanding dramas, such as Ji Chang Wook with Park Min Young and Kim Ji Won with Park Seo Joon, the chemistry between Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won somehow fell short of expectations. It’s nowhere near bad, but not excellent either. 

Finally, Choi Soo Young, Ji Chang Wook’s latest love interest in “If You Wish Upon Me”. Since the drama has only started airing, it’s still too early to judge the two’s chemistry. However, as for visual combination, there have been comments saying they give off “best friends” vibes more than a couple. Let’s wait and see if their chemistry will be more explosive in the coming episodes of “If You Wish Upon Me”. 

C-level – Worst chemistry 

“Melting Me Softly” is considered one of the most forgettable works in Ji Chang Wook’s career. It recorded an average rating of only 2.1% and failed to generate any buzz. One of the biggest reasons for such a disappointing performance is the subpar chemistry between Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah. Although they are a visual duo, viewers struggle to see any romantic tension between the two as their delivery of lines, gestures, and expressions simply don’t click. 

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