Kim Hyun Joong met his wife, his first love, at 14, broke up repeatedly before becoming a father 2 months ago

Kim Hyun Joong revealed his love story.

Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong confessed about the story of his life filled with ‘big events’ on MEN’s healing variety show ‘Passionate Goodbye’, that will air on November 28.

On this day, Kim Hyun Joong visited ‘Hello House’ with a guitar. He greeted Eun Ji Won, as they reunited after 7 years. Kim Hyun Joong said, “Hyung, it’s been a while”. He then talked about his new family, saying, “I got married this year, and my wife gave birth two months ago. I have become a father.” 

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Kim Hyun Joong talked about his wife who is also his first love, saying, “I met (my wife) for the first time at the age of 14, and since I was in the second year of high school, we have been dating and breaking up repeatedly.” After revealing the process of how he got married to his wife, Kim Hyun Joong showed his mature side, saying, “Maintaining a good family is the way to repay my wife.”

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Kim Hyun Joong also mentioned his son, who was born two months ago, “At first, everything was terrifying to me, but now I change his diapers and bathe him well.” Kim Hyun Joong also confessed, “I was so shocked when my child was first born.” Hwang Je Sung, the father of two children, laughed loudly at Kim Hyun Joong’s story.

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The production team of “Passionate Goodbye” said, “Kim Hyun Joong candidly revealed the events that have happened to him and even the story of his family, who are the most precious people to him in the world. Please look forward to Kim Hyun Joong’s current life and surprising cooking skills.”

Source: Daum.

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