Kim Hee Sun and SF9 Rowoon shared their feelings on the ending of K-drama “Tomorrow”: “I was happy to deliver a good message”

The cast members of MBC drama “Tomorrow” recently expressed their thoughts on the series’ finale.

The cast members of MBC drama “Tomorrow”, including Kim Hee Sun, Rowoon, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Yoon Ji On talked about their thoughts on the series’ finale, which will air on May 23rd. 

First of all, actress Kim Hee Sun, who played the female lead Koo Ryeon, said: ”People recognized the good messages I wanted to convey through the drama, for which I am extremely glad. Thank you. I was happy throughout the time I lived as Koo Ryeon.” 

Regarding the series’ central theme of mental illness, she also added: “Extreme choices are not only about Korea but also about everyone in the world, I think that’s why many people sympathize with me”. “I think the director, writer, staff, fellow actors, and viewers for being with us for the last 7 months. We were able to complete “Tomorrow” thanks to you all”, she concluded. 


In the series, Kim Hee Sun played the head of Hell’s crisis management team, who dedicated great effort to save those on the brink of taking their own life. As always, the actress proves to be a reliable one who managed to serve a total transformation in character. 

The cast of “Tomorrow”

SF9 Rowoon, who played the male lead Choi Joon Woong, expressed that taking on this project was a means to challenge and improve himself. “Through “Tomorrow”, I realized and learned a lot of things. Everyone, thank you for the great work, you all work hard”, the idol-actor said, bowing his head.


Rowoon’s character was Choi Joon Woong, a newcomer to the crisis management team. Through his role, the idol-actor captivated viewers with his passionate and youthful characters who acted before he thought.

Lee Soo Hyuk, who played Park Joong Gil – the leader of the Grim Reaper management team, said: “I can’t believe it’s over yet. I’m grateful to the viewers for their support and sympathy for our drama.” The model-turned-actor managed to exude intense charisma, making him the center of attention despite his little screen time. His character’s relationship with Kim Hee Sun’s also drove many audiences to tears. 

Lee Soo Hyuk

Finally, Yoon Ji On, who played Lim Ryung Gu – the assistant of Kim Hee Sun’s character, expressed: “It’s too bad the series’ already over. However, while the drama adaptation has ended, the original webtoon “Tomorrow” is still ongoing, so please continue to show it a lot of love.” 


“Tomorrow” is a fantasy K-drama that revolves around a team of grim reapers who try to save human’s lives instead of escorting them. Through its central theme that focuses on people who want to take their own lives, the series has tackled a lot of heavy topics like peer pressure, school violence, office mistreatment, poverty, and many more. The sympathetic messages delivered through each episode earns praise from a lot of viewers. 

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