Park Min Young didn’t have plastic surgery and her past photos were fake?

Although she has declares about this already, she still experienced misunderstanding during all these years.

When people talk about Park Min Young, every one knows that she was famous for her gorgeous appearance after plastic surgery because she is the most successful case in Korean showbiz. Everything on her face looks natural and beautiful day by day.

After many years of makeup surgery, the beauty of Park Min Young is always famous in Korean showbiz.

Recently, a fan of Park Min Young has once again commented on the misunderstanding of the public when talking about Min Young’s plastic surgery. The post has attracted a lot of attention of netizens. In particular, this account said that most of the news sites referring to the issue of plastic surgery of Park Min Young are always accompanied by pictures with short hair and blue shirt.

But the main character in the photo is not Park Min Young as people thought but it was Miss Kim Yu Mi (coronation 2012) – who also caused a stir because she also looks like Park Min Young.

The picture was supposed to be Park Min Young.
But actually the picture was Miss Kim Yu Mi before plastic surgery.

Accordingly, when Park Min Young admitted to plastic surgery, she also confirmed that the girl in the picture was not her. However, the newspaper reported that the photo was taken and claimed to be Park Min Young. There are a lot of her fans who defend the actress by posting pictures of Park Min Young when she was a baby to prove that she also has pretty facial features.

Park Min Young with her sweet beauty makes the fans dazed.

It seems that Park Min Young has suffered from this misunderstanding from a long time ago and even though it has been confirmed, it cannot stop those articles. But it can’t be denied that at the present time, Park Min Young is more and more beautiful over time.

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