Taeyang’s album release announcement draws public attention due to one detail

Following many other K-pop idols, BIGBANG Taeyang also removes Synnara Record from the pre-order notice of his new album.

On April 12th, The Black Label announced the release of Taeyang’s second EP ALBUM “Down to Earth” by unveiling the new album cover and profile image on official SNS channels and fancafe.


The released profile picture shows Taeyang sitting on a fallen tree against the background of a mountain with clouds in the sky, giving off a unique vibe. The emotional atmosphere and overall color reminiscent of sunset raise fans’ high expectations for the kind of music Taeyang will express through this new album.

Pre-orders for “Down to Earth” physical album, which features Taeyang’s own vibe, have been made available from 2 p.m. (KST) on April 12th.


What drew the most attention from this announcement, however, was the absence of Synnara Record’s link in the pre-order notice released on the same day. Recently, the boycott of Synnara Record has spread widely in the K-pop industry, starting with IVE then Apink, Lee Chaeyeon, Sunmi, Jaurim, Seventeen, etc.

Nevertheless, Synnara Record was only excluded from announcements of album pre-order links, and people can still make reservations for the artists’ albums on the website of Synnara Record.

The move of blocking fans’ access to distributor Synnara Record in pre-order notices seems to have started due to the impact of Netflix’s documentary “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal”. The leader of the cult group The Baby Garden highlighted in that documentary was revealed to have established “Synnara Distribution (currently Synnara Record)”.

taeyang lisa

Meanwhile, Taeyang’s second EP album “Down to Earth” will be officially released on April 25th. According to reports, BLACKPINK Lisa will participate in this album as a featuring artist, and she will also make an appearance in the music video to support her senior.

Lisa previously worked with DJ Snake for the single “SG” in 2021, but this is her first collaboration with a domestic artist. K-pop fans are raising high expectations for the synergy that these two artists, who own completely different charms, will create.

Source: Wikitree

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